Introduction to Nanotechnology
Over the past century, there has been tendency toward inventing devices at the nano-scale to produce more efficient/powerful electronic devices and silicon chips. This trend requires a deep understanding and control of the materials at the atomic and molecular level in order to change the materials’ physical and chemical properties. Alter, the physical & chemical properties of various materials leads to a variety of affects which include a change in the material stiffness, transparency, etc. Consequently, such materials can be used for novel applications which could range from building a new medicine to building ultra fast computer chips. The different industries that can benefit from this unique phenomena are alternative energy, environmental science, electronics, computing, medicine, healthcare, aerospace and defense.


In addition, a new range of instruments and devices are constantly developed for manipulating materials at the nano scale; which include atomic force microscopes (AFMs), scanning probe microscopes (SPMs), scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs), etc. If interested to know more about this emerging technology and the potential outcomes; visit our Focus Areas and Useful links pages.